the clothing loft

  1. Seasonal:

    • Spring clothing is accepted in January, February and March;
    • Summer clothing is accepted in April, May and June;
    • Autumn clothing is accepted in July, August and September;
    • Winter clothing is accepted in October, November and December.
  2. Freshly laundered, cleaned and pressed. Those who smoke should pay extra attention to this, as smoke lingers in clothing. Please double check underarm and neck areas.
  3. On hangers if it is an item that would wrinkle, otherwise folded neatly in a bag.
  4. Perfect or near perfect condition - no stains, snags or pills.
  5. Better brand names purchased within the last 3 years unless considered a classic style. 'Better brands' excludes Walmart, Giant Tigers, Zellers etc.
  6. Women's [sizes 0 to plus].
  7. Maternity clothing also accepted.
  8. Better brand name shoes, purses, jewellery, and belts.
  1. Option A: 20 item limit and you may receive your 'no thank you' items back. Please pick them up within one week of drop off.

    Option B: No limit and any 'no thank you' items are immediately donated to charity.

  2. Each client will be given their own contract number which is used each time you bring in clothing. Mark your bag with your name and phone number.

Clothing will be displayed for 2 months.

Pricing is at the discretion of The Clothing Loft and you receive 40% of the final price.

We do have a back entrance you may use to drop off clothing.


You may collect your money at any time during the contract period, or you may wait until your 2 month expiry date.

Any unsold items must be picked up within 10 days of the expiry date or will become property of The Clothing Loft, unless otherwise agreed upon. It is the client's responsibility to keep track of the expiry date. Please call one day ahead if you are coming to pick up your expired items to allow us time to remove them from the rack.